How I work

Anna offers an encompassing, holistic approach for her clients
Anna offers an encompassing, holistic approach
  • A holistic psychotherapy approach that goes beyond “talking through problems”; it also embraces your physical, emotional and relational reality;
  • Recognising and accepting your unique experience;
  • Practising bespoke self-regulation practices if necessary to enable you to function better in everyday life;
  • Using creative techniques including mindfulness, breathing, imagery, body posture to overcome sticking points;
  • Creating a journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life.


I believe every human being has the potential to live a creative, fulfilling life. As we develop, especially early in life, we adjust to the circumstances that the world presents to us. These adjustments become established habits, and eventually our fixed, unconscious patterns. As we grow up some of these patterns prove helpful but others, especially those resulting from traumatic or difficult experiences, can prove detrimental and lead us to a position in life where we feel stuck.

Unconscious patterns are manifested not only in how we think and experience our emotions but also in our bodily sensations, posture, breathing, movement and the levels and quality of our physical energy. They affect our relationships with other people and with our environment. As an example of what I mean, think of someone you know who has low self-esteem. Is this reflected in their voice, posture, movement, the way they relate to other people?

The advantage of this holistic approach is that it goes beyond simply talking through your issues. It is a form of psychotherapy that embraces cognitive, physical, emotional and relational reality, and can thereby support you to create sustainable changes in your life on every level.

We would start with gaining a clear awareness of where you are now, recognising and confirming your unique experience in a non-judgemental, supportive way. Accepting our internal reality is a necessary first step on a journey towards change. For some clients, this initial stage will also be a time when they learn to function better in everyday life through the practice of self-regulation.

When you feel strong enough, and we agree it is safe for you to take things to the next level, the sessions may involve more experimenting in order to forge new patterns to complement your positive habitual ones. Apart from talking through the issues you bring we may, for example, choose to use mindfulness, images or breathing techniques to enhance your progress, or experiment with improving physical movement, posture or voice. The work can be a very creative and exciting experience.

Sometimes, however, it is more important for a client just to be heard, accepted and supported, and this is also something psychotherapy and counselling can offer. I always try to meet the client where they are at the moment, whether full of energy or deflated, feeling lonely or angry, enthusiastic or desperate.

Whatever the case, I will be there to help you on your journey to a healthier, holistic, more fulfilling life, for as long as you need my support.

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