Coronavirus pandemic: A survival guide

In these worrying times many of us are coping with changed lifestyles, having been forced to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdowns. Whether trying to carry on with work as usual or looking after your family – or more typically both – this is our new reality for an indefinite future.

Whatever your situation, the sudden changes to routines and life patterns, and uncertainty about the future, especially over work, money and the safety of our loved ones, can make us feel anxious and stressed.

If at home, perhaps for you the main challenge is to stay sane and calm, keep some order and structure to your life while trying not to overindulge in snacking.

Perhaps your challenge is to organise your space and time so you can work while keeping peace within the family.

More positively perhaps the lockdown is providing you with time to get one of your long-cherished pet projects off the ground.

One of my clients said that the lockdown felt like an “extended Christmas” – first you are excited but than you look forward to it being over and having your usual routine back and some much needed privacy.

Below, I offer some tips that my clients and I have found helpful in coping with the situation we find ourselves in.


Routine during coronavirus lockdown is important

Staying fit and healthy

Regular exercise is important to keeping healthy and keeping a routine


The key to keeping a clear mind for work during the coronavirus lockdown is good nutrition and hydration

Working from home

Having time and space to work at home during the coronavirus lockdown is essential

Staying sane

Organising space/time with your family and on your own

Keeping mentally agile

New projects, creativity, challenges

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