Coronavirus lockdown. A creative approach.

How do we cope with coronavirus lockdown? And how do we turn it to our advantage?

The coronavirus lockdown will put additional pressure on our metal and physical wellbeing
Coronavirus will put additional pressure on our mental and physical wellbeing

Possible challenges you may be facing today in coping with coronavirus:

  • Physical fears for yourself and those close to you;
  • Coping with the concentrated negative information/imagery from the media;
  • Mobilising your mind and body in coping with coronavirus if you have it and/or to stay healthy;
  • Coping with isolation; those of us having to stay alone or with very limited social contacts;
  • More general existential issues; dealing with the fear of the virus illness or even death. This is especially true for those of us who have experienced the death of someone close to us. Fears around coronavirus may trigger disproportionate or even paralysing fears and anxiety;
  • Dealing with the apprehension of what may seem as an impending uncertainty, change to our habitual lifestyles and environments;
  • The need to reconsider our professional activities – how to redefine and (re)organise them in the new conditions.

Looking to the future

  • How do we re-format/re-define our attitudes in these new circumstances?
  • Seeing isolation as productive solitude, with its potential for self-exploration.
  • Envisioning positive potentials in the possible changes. Thinking creatively.
  • Learning from the situation? What can we discover? New ways of connecting socially, coping physically and psychologically. New time/space/routine.
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